Standing up for Dublin 8

Housing: I rent a flat in Kilmainham a few doors down from where my granny was born and raised. I'll stand up for affordable housing, crack down on full-time AirBnB lettings, penalise derelict units, support cost rental developments, and offer speedier planning permission to developments with more social and affordable housing.

Open space: Our part of the city is home to lots of young families, but for many kids, the only place to play is a car park. That isn't right. You shouldn't have to get a bus just to kick a ball around. I'd work to open up existing spaces like the Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, and ensure that existing green land is upgraded for everyone to enjoy. St. James' Linear Park in Rialto is a great opportunity to put in some open park facilities, and an example of how dead space can be improved and opened up.

Decent public transport: With the Green Party, you get local reps who'll put walking, cycling and public transport first. I'd expand safe cycle lanes, give pedestrians priority at busy junctions, and support bus reforms. People should be get around their city with ease, rather than scurrying between convoys of cars.

Our city's values: Much of Europe has drifted to the anti-migrant politics of the far right and there's a danger of that happening here. I'd stand up for clear, progressive, open, inclusive values for our city.

A better public realm: The little things matter. Too many parts of our city are made ugly or less accessible thanks to careless design. I'd push to remove unnecessary poles, signs and street furniture, and renew the fight against illegal dumping. I'd protect mature trees where possible, and push for new ones where ever we can. Our city can be more than just concrete and utility boxes.

Energy and Experience

I've got a decade of experience in campaigns, public policy, and local government. I've been a trade union rep, an environmental campaigner, and have helped out in campaigns including marriage equality, migration, reproductive rights, and safe cycling.

I'm currently head of communications with the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation. Previously, I've worked for:

  • The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, with a focus on affordable housing and reducing pollution
  • CiarĂ¡n Cuffe, Minister for Sustainable Transport and Planning
  • Friends of the Earth, campaigning for a clean, cheap, renewable energy system
  • The TUC union, fighting for a better deal for low-paid workers.

I studied in UCD, and have a masters in public policy. For reasons that aren't entirely clear, I also run a very nerdy archive of Irish Election Manifestos.